Lowran Burn

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If you drive along the western edge of Loch Ken between Mossdale and New Galloway you will have the chance to visit the falls on Lowran Burn. The falls are not as spectacular as Aira Force and I suppose are not really falls in the true sense of the word where you have a cascade of water fallen from height but if you enjoy photography and want a subject to try out your skills with a neutral density filter this is ideal.


This is an easy access location with space for parking a small number of cars just a few yards further up the road after the bridge on the right hand side but as Loch Ken is a popular spot for fishing you may find the parking is full. Other parking is available before and after this spot but this would then involve a slightly further walk.


As I said, the falls are not large but at the right time of year after a heavy rain fall there can be a large volume of water flowing down the burn and on into Loch Ken which does make it a worthwhile sight with the minimum of effort required if you intend to do any photography or video work.


During the summer months when the surrounding trees are thick with leaves there is not a lot of light on the burn and it is very easy to miss the falls but when autumn comes along and the trees lose their foliage the burn takes on a whole new look with light now able to pass between the branches of the many surrounding trees. The autumn leaves on the ground add a nice warm look while the clumps of bracken and bright green moss add to the overall look of the scene especially if you are lucky enough to visit on bright sunlight day with a bit of blue sky showing through the trees.


A gallery of Lowran Burn can be viewed by clicking this link.


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