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Largs and Millport

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Sometimes you set off with a plan to visit one place and you end up with an added bonus and find somewhere new, this is what happened when we went for a drive to Largs. I know my days out are not on par with some great explorer who heads into some uncharted region of the Amazon rain forest but at least we can normally get there and back in a day.

Before our visit, which was in  August 2011 what did I know about Largs.

Well I knew it was a seaside resort on the coast of the Clyde and is popular with day trippers and was a destination during the height of the popular Doon the Watter trips. I remember as a young boy in the early 1960s going on trip on the Queen Mary 2 but I think we only went as far as Rothsey. I also knew it was home to Scottish actress Daniela Nardini and of course the famous art deco Nardini’s cafe, restaurant and ice cream parlour. It was during the year of our visit Largs also became famous as the home town of Euromilions winners Colin and Christine Weir.

When driving anywhere for a day out, parking is one of the main priorities, on this occasion we were lucky enough to get parked without any problem in the main car park which overlooked the Firth of Clyde.

From the car park I spotted two ferries working their way back and forward across the Clyde from Largs, curiosity got the better of me and it was off to the CalMac ticket office to investigate. Clutching my ticket in my hand it’s off to wait for the next ferry and our bonus destination of the day, a trip across the Clyde to the Isle of Cumbrae, also known as Great Cumbrae. Doing something different is what days out are all about and it’s not everyday I travel by ferry, easily pleased there was an additional break from normality when we had to get a bus for the short journey into Millport.

The island is small, only four miles long and two miles wide and I could imagine this would be an ideal destination for an outdoor holiday if you enjoy walking or cycling, there's also a golf course if that's your sport. Millport itself offered all of the amenities you would expect from a small town. The island also hosts a country and western festival.

If I was to visit again I would take the car over with me just to give me a bit more freedom to explore the rest of the island.

Back on the mainland we finished off our day trip to Largs with of course, an ice cream from Nardini’s.


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