John Scott Photography | Little Red Riding Hood
Lochside Theatre Company
Little Red Riding Hood
Tina & Robert Burbridge
in arrangement with
Lazy Bee Scripts

Red Riding Hood Becky Niven
Dame Robyn Hood Idris Dean
Jack Emma Middleton
Jill Lauren Carson
Wolf Jill Williams
Fairy Liz Black
Laurence Vicky Long
Llewellyn Kay Potts
Bowen Sadie Johnstone
Woodcutter Mark Laird
Billy Stephanie Gilchrist
Granny Hood Jim Gordon
Horse Alex Long, Christopher Mawhinney
Daniel Durham, Linda Gordon, Anna Hodson,
Finlay Long, Jessica McCulloch, Lucy McGowan,
Ellie McKie, Chiara McMorran, Stewart Kempsell,
Alison Murdoch, Bethan Murray, Emma Olley,
Lucy Olley, Stewart Paterson, Amy Ross,
Monica Ross, Chloe Steele, Carmen Warren

Production Team
Director Janet Scott
Musical Director Alllan Scott
Choreographry Lauren Carson

Set and Lighting Design Allan Scott
Sound Engineer Jenny Cunningham
Stage Manager Hazel McCartney
Wardrobe Carol Houston, Ann Gallacher, Janet Scott
Prompt Chris McIntyre
Props Hazel McCartney, Janet Scott
Make Up Shannon McCartney
Lighting Rig John Scott
Follow Spot Andrew Jardine
Photography John Scott
Stage Crew
Darren Fortnum, Pat Kilby,
James Johnstone, Dave Williams
Set Build and Paint
Pat Kilby, Hazel McCartney, Allan Scott,
Janet Scott, Dave Williams

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